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"This idea will change the lives of millions of people"
                                      Richard Branson

"Why do I feel as if life has somehow not yet begun, 
as if I am still a child, as if when I die, it will be as
 if I have never lived?”

Colin Wilson.

On that gentle Monday night, Sept 20, 1998,   I finally learned how to do it........

I was able to go into my room, relax deeply - and experience pure orgasmic states of pleasure in my body through Meditiation!


"At last......someone has re-discovered how to 
experience sexual ecstasy through 

                                                Paul Wilson 


Gabrielle Bernstein

'When you start to feel it moment after moment, coursing
through your physical, mental, and emotional bodies,
you will shed tears of gratitude.

It is the most exquisite thing possible to
feel in the body

All other pleasures fade beside it. 

You will be filled with indescribable gratitude.


The Bliss Technique is now practised in over 8o countries    

"Orgasmic bliss is what all human beings unconsciously crave."

It was late. 

The best-selling author Dan Milliman closed the door of his room. He turned off the lights and sat down beside his bed. 

Later, he was to write this in his  best-selling book,  ' Way of the Warrior'  


"If  your mind were clear,  your heart open and your body free of tension........

...... you'd experience the energy as an indescribable pleasure - better than sex.'

Dan Milliman, 
                                                  The Way of the Warrior


Sitting in his room alone meditating, as the rain fall softly against the window panes, the famous writer Stephen Levine decided to sit down and meditate using a different technique.

When he did, an extraordinary thing happened.

He later wrote:



"When I meditate.....the mind becomes so  unclouded that nothing blocks it's inherent joy.  

It's expanse is so great that............ 
waves of energy  wash through the body........ 
making any satisfaction we've ever, even our profoundest sexual gratification,
  pale by comparison

 Stephen Levine*
                                                     'Who Dies'



One a cold night, the author Elizabeth Gilbert went into her room, closed the door, sat down and practised a simple  technique.

She later wrote....in his best-selling book, 'Eat, Pray, Love':

 "Then I meditated for an hour of bone-tingling stillness until I finally felt it again ............

.....that happiness, bliss which is better, truly, than anything I have ever experienced else on this earth." 


For over  15 years ago, I have been teaching people this simple, but ancient technique.

However, there is always one big problem.

Most people are utterly convinced that orgasmic  energy can  ONLY be experienced  through normal sex.

 But that is not true.


It is now possible to experience this energy through a 
simple process of meditation.


In fact, these deep states of  meditative ecstasy are SO REAL and deep.....


EEG technology has been used for meditation 

..... that they can produce in your bloodstream the exact same hormonal secretions and biochemicals that your body produces during actual orgasmic sex.

Isn't that extraordinary??

 That's how real this orgasmic energy is that you will experience in bliss meditation. 

But here is the sad truth.

But most of us will never experience this orgasmic energy through  meditation because ......


......We all BELIEVE that we can ONLY experience 'real' orgasmic pleasure through sex.......

...that Sex is the only REAL Source of this pleasure!

Everybody believes this, but it is not true.

Yes, sex is  one  great, fantastic, magnificent  way....to experience orgasmic energy in your body.


But...... and here is the thing I want you to consider now......


........There  are other MORE marvellous, NATURAL ways to access and experience  ecstatic, orgasmic energy and to experience it from it's VERY SOURCE.


Please consider this new idea carefully for a moment.

REAL Bliss Meditation was originally designed to help you access and experience erotic, orgasmic  energy ....DIRECTLY FROM IT'S SOURCE!


Now, for years, I practised  'normal' meditation. 

I thought it was just all about trying to focus, discipline and control my wild thoughts.

But I was wrong.  

It is much more than that. Meditation is a feeling experience.

In fact, it is all about feeling. 

It really is, as Osho once said:


"All meditation is essentially the experience of sex
without sex."

(Remember you don’t have to believe or understand what I'm going to say now. 
Very soon you will be able to prove it for yourself when you learn how to start feeling this orgasmic energy in your body through meditation.)


Now, here is the big idea I want you to consider and think about now:

Despite the appearance of us being 'skin and bones'....... we know  from science today that we are all actually energetic beings.

.....And as energetic beings, we are all connected to and interpenetrated by vast universal  fields of energy.

This is so important. 

Again, remember what modern science is now revealing to us .... 

We are not solid, impenetrable mass. 

We are mostly empty space and all the energy fields of the universe can flow through our skull and body just as easily as they flow through the air around us.....

Please think about that.

Right now, this moment, all around you, there are many different frequencies or vast Fields of Energy flowing around you. 

We are all familiar with TV and radio wave frequencies that vibrate all around us .........but there are other even more vast and intelligent Fields of Energy that vibrate all  around us that most of us are not aware of.

And one of these is orgasmic energy!

Yes, orgasmic energy is  a very specific ecstatic, orgasmic  frequency field of energy.

We all tend to think of orgasmic energy as something that is just located in our genitals - but that is not true. 


"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it"

                                                                          -Albert Einstein


Orgasmic energy is actually a  high-frequency energy Field that exists all around you  in waves and it is now possible for anyone to learn how to attune themselves to this very specific universal frequency of energy.  

.....And when you learn how to do this, these erotic fields of energy will enter into your body directly .... pulsating throughout your body’s meridian network as waves and currents of pure primordial orgasmic energy…………..

Isn't that an extraordinary possibility?

That's why in your physical body, you have  an  "energy system" that  consists of 12 meridians of energy flow, 360 pressure points, and 72,000 energy pores to attract and draw this orgasmic energy into your body.  

Thats what this system is designed for!

When you can do this , everything will change for you.

As  Patricia Cori writes in the 'The Cosmos of Soul'


"The sexual experience will become more of a heart experience, for once you know orgasm as great waves or frequencies of ecstatic light moving through the cosmic sea, you will become aware of it's real significance.

 You will FEEL this energy - this orgasmic frequency race through your hearts with such intensity and rapture that you will wonder how you could ever have enjoyed such union in your animal selves, where physical pleasure limits your experience to four or five seconds of physical release and momentary pleasure"


Again, this perspective can change EVERYTHING for you when you really realize that.....


Man meditating

Orgasmic energy is simply a very specific field of universal energy that exists in us and all AROUND us....and it is now possible for anyone to go to their room, sit down, relax - and through a simple meditative process ...  attune themselves to this universal frequency of  orgasmic energy.  

No different than tuning a radio  into a specific station!


And  your body has an  "energy system" that  consists of 12 meridians of energy flow, 360 pressure points, and 72,000 energy pores to attract and draw this orgasmic energy into your body.  

And when you can experience it, Life will never seem the same again for you.  



"A whole body orgasm from Bliss meditation is the most intense experience I’ve ever had. 
My whole body started shaking, which was a little unnerving, but I relaxed into it and experienced waves of intense bliss and pleasure in the most obscure parts of my body! I never knew I could orgasm in my big toe."




......here is the other big thing.....


.....When you can allow this orgasmic, high-frequency energy to enter your body, it will trigger your body into producing one of the most delicious, pleasurable secretion or hormone  known to man.


This is a secretion which, at the highest point of  ecstasy, pours into the brain and body with such an intensely pleasurable sensation that even the sexual orgasm pales into insignificance before it. 

This unbelievably rapturous sensation - pervading the whole of the spinal cord, the organs of generation and the brain - is nature's incentive to the effort directed at self-transcendence, as the orgasm is the incentive to the reproductive act."
- Gopi Krishna

Or to explain it in even simplier terms: When we feel happy, our body  produces happy chemistry. 

And when we feel orgasmic, our body  produces orgasmic chemistry. Or, in more exact terms, our bodies produce endogenous opiates, the brain's own version of heroin! 

For example, how many of us  know that the  human body naturally produces its own heroin-like substances and uses them as neurotransmitters? 

Even scientists were astonished when they discovered this in the 1970s.

In fact, in extreme situations, your body is capable of producing endorphins a thousands times stronger than the chemical morphine, to ease pain. That’s how extraordinary your body is. 





Heroin and Pleasure


The poet Jim Carroll once described his first experience of mainlining heroin as feeling “like 50,000 orgasms all at once." 



But what Jim maybe  didn't know and most of us still don't know is  that there is a MORE NATURAL, SAFER, and more organic way of producing  this orgasmic high in the body without suffering the possible tragic after consequences of drug use.



In fact, I believe  we truly have no need for any of these external drug substances to make us feel great. 



And isn't it possible  that our desire, need  and use of these external substances is really due to the fact that our bodies are severely starved of  their own internally sources of orgasmic pleasure ?


The truth is our bodies  are more extraordinary than we have ever imagined. 



As Dr. Deepak Chopra explains in 'Power, Freedom and Grace':


"When we are feeling tranquil, our body is making a tranquilliser similar to the one the drug companies make, only it doesn't make you feel like a zombie.

When we are feeling anxious, our body is making jittery molecules, and they're are made not just in the adrenal glands; they are made everywhere in the body. 

When we are feeling exhilarated, our body is making immunomodulators that act as powerful anticancer drugs. Our cells are alive.  


They are literally eavesdropping on your internal dialogue."


And this vital point :


"You have an inner pharmacy that is absolutely exquisite. 

You name it- the body can make it in the right dose, at the right time, for the right organ, with no side effects, and all the instructions are contained in the packaging. "




But most of us will still have problems experiencing this... 

....because, at some deep conditioned level, we all still believe that sexual intercourse is the only  'real' way to experience this pleasure. 

In fact, we have all believed this for so long  that it is now almost hardwired into our biology.

Please underline this: 

You do NOT have to have sex in order to tune into and experience orgasmic energy surging through your body.

Yes, sex is  ONE FANTASTIC  way of experiencing intense sexual pleasure.


And we should continue to have as much sex as we desire....if that is what we want.


This is not an negation of sex...........the only problem is now most of us believe without question that sex is the ONLY source of this energy.


This is one of the biggest problem we have.


And because of it, most of our bodies are STARVED of healing, life-affirming orgasmic Pleasure.


Literally STARVED.

....Especially when you add in the fact that in ordinary sex, most of us can only  experience this orgasmic pleasure  for on average 10 seconds

No wonder the writer D. H. Lawrence described most people's normal genital orgasm as a mere 'sneeze in the loins'!

And then, consider this: 

 “The average person's orgasm is only ten seconds long.....

....... And the average frequency of intercourse is once or twice a week. 

That’s 20 seconds a week, about one-and-half minutes a month, about 18 minutes a year!

.....Yes, about  18 minutes a year of basic orgasmic pleasure through normal genital sex.

..............is it any wonder that our bodies are STARVED of real orgasmic pleasure!

 And all of this is becasue we have all totally FORGOTTEN that there are OTHER great ways to experience this orgasmic energy.

There is ANOTHER marvellous, and declicious  way ........... to FEEL  and experience  Orgasmic energy in your body FROM  its very Source.....


What we have all forgotten over the centuries is that Bliss  Meditation was originally designed to help us to access and experience this orgasmic energy ....at it's SOURCE! "


Please read the below. This is what uoi are now capable of experiencing now. 

The ecstasy occurs as extreme pleasure in the heart region mostly, and  brain, and in the belly.  Accompanied by a general all over ecstasy, bliss and satiation. There is the feeling of saturation of the tissues with mana juice flowing like ambrosial honey through the veins. The brain is lit up with kundalini (light) and you can see it in the irises, the skin glows with the bliss energy flowing through then nerves.


Can you grasp what this means for you?

You can still have as much 'normal'  sex as you wish ( sex is good), but..... now you simply have another option, ANOTHER  natural, direct way to experience this natural orgasmic force.  

That's all!

Though a simple meditation process, we can all just as easily go to the SOURCE of this energy – and actually feel, with an even greater intensity, limitless amounts of this ecstatic, orgasmic energy in our body.

 Can you see  the implications?

Whether we are married, struck in long term relationships or single and not having sex for whatever  reason, we believe  that our days of experiencing the endless ecstascies of sexual energy - THE ENERGIES OF LIFE ITSELF-  are over, apart from the morsels of pleasure we experience  with our partner.

And, inwardly most of us are wailing:  'Is that IT?'' 

For most people, the answer will be yes, but  it was not supposed to be that way.

Feeling and enjoying this orgasmic energy flowing through your body was supposed to be a lifetime's joy.  


The truth is you have barely touched or experienced  less than 1% of the infinite frequencies of this ecstatic sexual energy. 

This sexual energy is all around you now. What is stopping you from experiencing it now? 

As this writer put it so well;

"There is no need for more erotic sexual energy at all because there is an infinite amount of sexual energy available to us here and now

In fact, all the sexual energy that ever was or will be is here and now. So it is important to not get into the acquisition game of energy and realize where it comes from.

There is no outside source from which we draw sexual energy like water from a well. This orgasmic energy] is flowing through you at all times and in all places. 


 A new truth is now emerging for us all....


Whether you are thin or fat, beautiful or ugly, rich or poor, stupid or intelligent, you no longer have to be  deprived of pure orgasmic pleasure.

You can have it all. 

You have equal, absolute, abundant access to the entire field of erotic, orgasmic energy that is infinitely present all around you NOW.

 Only your belief that it is not     possible is stopping you”

As one writer once described it:

"At first, this meditation will seem strange because you will fill the room with your own energy. You will feel such bliss that you will think you are going crazy. This is because you have always believed that love is dependent upon somebody else."



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"You are an orgasmic being. This is your gift that you bring to the planet. 
You have made the trees grow; they grow because you’re smiling and you’re celebratory inside. Now the trees are dying, cause y’all are dying.”


The Bliss Technique

"All of man's miseries derive from him not being able
to sit in a room alone"



The Bliss Technique is simply learning how to meditatie to a very deep, orgasmic  bliss level.............,

First, we will show you  how to relax each cell of your body.

Then, we'll show you how to release all  fear, stress, and tension  from each cell and organ of your body.

Then, you will be shown  how  to 'unblock' and ‘defrost’ your  body so that all the cells of your body began to vibrate at a faster....and faster  rate.  

This is important. 

"Your body's vibratory levels are not spoken of as often as your cellular structures, but they have everything to do with how your body functions - and how you feel

Megahertz is the measurable level of the speed at which your body is vibrating. As changes take place in your body, your vibratory levels can slow down or spped up dramatically. 

Much of humanity is vibrating at around 48,000  to 76,000 megahertz per second. 

But the  vibratory levels of your cells can spped up considerably

As you give your body permission, through meditiation to speed up its vibratory levels, you may go up to 85,000 megahertz per second or even 100,000 megahertz per second. 


Then, you will learn how to gradually  increase the rhythmic pulsation frequency rate of each of your body’s cells until all your cells are vibrating at the exact frequency rate of Joy.

Yes, Joy  is a real energy with  its own specific frequency rate- and to experience real joy we only need to learn how to match  our body's frequency rate to  that of Joy's frequency rate.

When you can do this, you will experience great  joy in your body as your body responds by  producing a super-abundance of feel-good chemicals.

But this is only the start.

You will then learn how to go even further into the practice.

You will learn how to  sit in even deeper stillness - and learn how to continue to increase the frequency rate of each of your cells  ….until they exactly match the frequency rate of  pure orgasmic energy…..

And when that happens .............you will experience ecstasy – real orgasmic ecstasy in your body.

You may seem to be just sitting there in total stillness in your room, but your body’s brainwaves and the frequency rate of each of your cells is vibrating at such perfect, incredible speeds that you are in ecstasy.

The famous psychologist and creator of Bioenergetics,  Alexander Lowen put it very well when he wrote: :

"Although we are familiar with the pulsations of the heart, the fact is every cell, every tissue and the whole body pulsates, which means that it expands and contracts rhythmically. 

The heart expands and contracts as it beats, the lungs expand and contract as they breath. 

When that rhythmic pulsation is free and full, we feel pleasure. We are pleasurably excited. 

When the excitement mounts so that the pulsation is more intense, we feel joy.

 If the intensity of the excitement reaches its maximum or acme, we experience ecstasy.

 In the absence of ANY excitement or pulsation, the organism is dead, we feel nothing”.



And In the 'Hathor Material', here's how Virgina Essence describes it :  


The feeling of ecstasy is a cellular occurrence that permeates the entire body. 

When you are in ecstasy and bliss, the life energy ( as known in Chinese medicine as, the Chi or, in Vedic medicine as Prana) begins to vibrate at a very fast rate

The harmonics open in such a way as to stimulate the brain and central nervous system, especially, the neurotransmitters, which begin to stimulate the cells into a feeling of ecstasy and bliss. This then becomes a full body sensation and emanates throughout the body in every cell.”


The loss of ecstasy and the transformation it could have brought  is 
one of the greatest tragedies of 
modem Western culture."
                                                                  Robert Johnson.



“If you think of ecstasy as an exceptional state enjoyed now and then by exceptional people, I hope this course will inspire you to think again.

Ecstasy is neither a luxury nor an aberration. It is our birthright.

We all need ecstasy in our lives.

That state of rapture, of bliss, of feeling totally in love with life is an essential nutrient without which we cannot thrive.  

Yet if ecstasy is spiritual food, we are a nation of starving people.  

Children of a culture that ignores the hunger for ecstasy, we know no other way of life and therefore assume that our ecstasy-deprived state is normal.

In fact, it is terribly unhealthy and has a disastrous effect on our communities.”

                           The Hunger for Ecstasy,  Jalaja Bonheim



How to learn this skill?

Let's be honest.

We are not pretending that The Bliss Technique is  the great  secret of  happiness or a great magical Elixir of life that will solve all your problems …...or any of that nonsense.

.....But what it is,  is a great, invaluable tool that will help you to experience great pleasure and ecstasy in your life. 

It is a vital skill we all need to learn.

We  learn every skill.

How to walk and talk. 

How to read.

How to cook and drive a car. 

Yet most of us never bother to learn one of the most important life SKILLS of all.

How to meditate to a deep orgasmic level.

Not ORDINARY meditation .........

....But learning how to EXPERIENCE deep states of ecstasy in our bodies at moments of deep relaxation and meditation.

And after 99 days.......you will start to notice extraordinary changes in your body.



  • Hair and nails grow faster, blood pressure lowers. 

  • Energy levels increase. 

  • It burns fat. lose weight effortlessly.

  • Grey hair starts to disaapear

  • Increases Sex drive

  • Hearing range increased and become more tonal.

  • Taste and smell more acute.

  • Experience  great sweeps of joy which will overwhelm you.

  • Feel great currents of ecstasy streaming through your body.

  • Look younger, feel younger. Eyes, skin, and hair brighter and thicker. 

  • Amazing reduction in self-consciousness .

  • Much more powerful libido. Can make love now with great vigor and instensity.  

  •  Enhances the production of endogenous substances that process immense longevity-enhancing, regenerative properties, namely melatonin and DHEA




Paypal accepted payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

Introductory offer to people new to this training: Course fee: Only $49.99 for entire course with our full 60 day Guarantee.!

In other words, you can now try out the entire course without risk for 60 days. Guarantee provided by Paypal.
Download our best-selling 400 page e-course and  audios now.

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(The Full Bliss Technique Program is a complete Internet product. All the books and CDs above can be instantly downloaded onto your computer in 3 minutes. No waiting. No delay. You can start practicing right away)




This moment, you have the EXACT SAME biological and neurological circuitry as any other human being who is capable of experiencing all the ecstatic frequencies of this energy, from the highest to the lowest – this very moment.

It is available to you right now.

The truth is: Our nervous systems have been set up for unlimitedness.  



Experience The Differences For Yourself 
In 60 Days! 

Recent research has shown that an 60 day period of meditating can lead to structural brain changes including increased grey-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection.

So for the next 60 days, let me help you to  experience this 
state for yourself !

I want you to  put aside 1 hour a day to practice the Bliss technique. 

Then every day, I want you to  read and reflect on one module of our course, listen to my recordings- guding you into this state and   and then.....

Just practice. 

Practice a little bit every day. 

And  LET YOURSELF  ENJOY the practice.

As Chris Griscom  advises all her students who want to experience this new frequency of Ecstasy:  

"You need to allow, ALLOW yourself to FEEL energy, not a little bit of it - but ALL OF IT NOW- in your body- in ALL of your body- not just your genitals."

"We need to stop saying:
'No, we can't feel joy.
No, we can't feel ecstasy.'" 




Listen to the author  Belinda Gore, and what she says in her book,  The Ecstatic Experience:




"The human need for ecstasy - the ability to be free of the limitations of ordinary consciousness is as imperative as the need for food.

In fact, renowned anthropologist Felicitas Goodman claims that being deprived of  the feeling of ecstasy was the fundamental cause of all forms of addictions."

 Colin Sisson makes the same point over and over again in his books:

 Bliss consciousness is the main essence behind self-observation. It is the essence behind all the great teachings, except it seems to have been lost somehow, or has been reduced to some superficial mythical concept...........


No amount of wealth, power, sex, drugs or fine food contain happiness in themselves but only serve to draw out a minute portion of that infinite bliss already latent within each of us.........

Bliss is our  underlying state constantly present .......... yet most of us don't experience it.

Why not? 

It is because of the state of our mind. 

It is all CLOGGED  up with suppressions and tensions...........it is in a state of constant RESTLESS activity..........and until we have CLEARED the system our experience of joy will be LIMITED to physical sensations or intellectual amusements.........'  

                      Colin Sisson, Riches Within



Paypal accepted payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

Introductory offer to people new to this training: Course fee: Only $49.99 for entire course with our full 60 day Guarantee!

In other words, you can now try out the entire course without risk for 60 days. Guarantee provided by Paypal.
Download our best-selling 400 page e-course and audios now.

Pay online with Paypal


The 10 Day Program -Free with the BlissTechnique

After you have mastered the basic techniques of The Bliss Technique and you
can FEEL this extraordinary, healing ENERGY
streaming through your OWN body  when you 
are on our own.........

I want you to move on.........

And learn how you can
experience this orgasmic energy when you are with another person so that 
both of you can feel this orgasmic energy streaming through your bodies together as one.

In fact, this is your greatest gift to your partner.  

To bring them to ecstasy. 

To help them experience their CORE joy.

Then you'll feel that what we all really crave: 'an intimacy beyond imagination'….....

That ultimate pleasure in which your entire being vibrates and pulsates undividedly, in harmony with itself and with another human being.   .

Both of you would begin to vibrate together at this pleasure frequency.

The frequency of ecstatic union.

Click here for more information 




(The Full Bliss Technique Program is an Internet product only. All the books and CDs above can be instantly downloaded onto your computer in 3 minutes. No waiting. No delay. You can start practicing right away)

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Bliss Technique  Right Now  


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